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Engineering and support

Engineering and support to Data Centers

Our engineers have expertise in BIM. They create 3D drawings in Revit and AutoCAD using the main model as a reference. We design pipe supports in Revit and provide assembly drawings and bill of materials. All constructions are documented with static analyses in 2D or 3D. We use the BIM model as a reference for developing our proposed solutions.


Our goal is to ensure seamless communication between consulting and executing parties. Our vision is to make it easy for you as a consultant to adapt the assembly system, ensuring that the end result is simple and intuitive for the executing parties. This improves efficiency for installers who are responsible for assembly and for those managing logistics on the construction site. It also simplifies the job for those responsible for design and procurement. We aim to be a collaborative partner, assisting customers in planning and designing their projects so that they are executed efficiently and compliant with laws and regulations. We deliver dimensioned proposed solutions with a parts list and numbered components to streamline installation.

For submission of documentation, please contact us at


Technical Manager

Eivind Jahreie Tresselt


Consulting Engineer

Anders Smedsrud

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